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Power. Wealth. Respect.
The members of the Boardroom share these things—and more.

Copyright © 2018 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited

Publication Date: 05-14-2018
Carina Press
Digital ISBN: 9781488081255

Print ISBN: 9781335080707
Type: eBook, Print, Audio
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Novel, 79,000 words
Series: The Boardroom

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A blindfold. Four men intent on only her pleasure. Knowing she’s being watched. It’s her ultimate erotic fantasy—and it’s really happening.

Brighton Wakeford has played by the rules her entire life. From her country-club upbringing to her job as a paralegal, she’s the image of propriety and class. And she’s tired of it.

An invitation to the Boardroom is Brighton’s chance to transform. Here she’s Brie—free to explore her wildest cravings, her most scandalous desires.

As the lawyer for the exclusive Boardroom club, Ryan Burns knows confidentiality is vital. As a member, he gets off on the controlled ecstasy, the exhilarating balance of trust and power. So when he recognizes a beautiful, blindfolded and very willing new participant as a coworker, he knows he should back off. Brighton Wakeford is business. The Boardroom is about pleasure.

But the rules are about to change.



“Forbidden love, pleasure to the eleventh degree and an alpha male who puts all others to shame, Blind Trust is irresistible.” – 4 ½ stars, Top Pick, RT Book Reviews

“Lynda Aicher knows how to write erotic. It’s slow, sexy and titillating.”
- 5 stars, Purest Delight, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

“Wowza!!! To say that this is hot would be an understatement. This is BLAZING!!!!” – 4 stars, The Jeep Diva

“I’m looking forward to more nights in the Boardroom with the author.”
- B+, The Good, The Bad and The Unread

“I'm really enjoying the whole idea of the Boardroom series!” - 4 stars, Wicked Reads

The Series

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

Story 5

Story 6


Copyright © 2018 by Lynda Aicher. Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A.

Chapter One

Ryan Burns stepped into the boardroom, looked around. A week’s worth of tension slipped from his shoulders on a single, long exhale. “Evening, gentlemen.”

“Burns.” Cramer gave a nod as he loosened his shirt cuff.

Aaron looked up. “Evening.”

“Jacob said he’d be ready in about ten minutes,” Ryan told the other men as he draped his suit jacket over the back of a chair that’d been pushed against the wall.

A small table lamp on the credenza at the back of the room provided the only source of light. It dulled the beige industrial carpeting to a muted cream that blended with the pale walls and oak table that ran down the center of the room.

“Did you see the woman?” Cramer asked. He removed his shirt, tossing it with his suit jacket on a chair.

“No.” He hadn’t wanted to. He preferred the surprise. That was the primary reason why he’d signed on to this scene.

Aaron strolled around the table to lean against the windows. The city skyline jutted up behind him at random heights in a spread of buildings that floated over the low bank of fog that’d rolled in. The sun had set an hour back to leave the city blanketed in the dank, encompassing chill that was common in the summer.

The dim light coupled with the sea of fog brought an intimacy to the otherwise sterile setting. Not that Ryan cared.

He wasn’t there for the atmosphere. No, he was there for the sex. And that didn’t require romance of any kind. Not for him.

“Did Jacob give you any additional details?” Cramer asked.

He turned his back to deflect the question. The man talked way more than Ryan cared for. He didn’t come to the Boardroom to talk or make friends.

“No,” Aaron answered. “Not beyond what was posted.”

Ryan turned off his phone and slid it into the pocket on his suit jacket, along with his wallet. He left the condoms in his pants pocket, despite spotting a supply of the items on the credenza.

“Do you think she’ll be hot?” Cramer persisted.

His jaw tightened around the words he held back. External appearances had never been a requirement within the Boardroom. The exclusive group celebrated the thrill of public sex in safe environments. A willingness to explore, have an open mind and revel in what was otherwise scorned were the primary qualifiers.

Discretion and manners were close seconds.

Aaron crossed his arms, his frown pulling his brows low. He caught Ryan’s eye and gave a small roll of his own. Cramer was harmless, but he had an unfortunate knack for annoying others.

Ryan moved around the table, smirking at Aaron as he passed. He rolled the sleeves up on his dress shirt, expectation prickling across his shoulder blades. He rested against the credenza, glanced at the time. He’d removed his tie in the car, and he debated on removing his watch but decided to keep it on.

Jacob had provided minimal information about his female guest. It was her first and possibly only visit to the Boardroom. That alone had been enough to entice Ryan. Add in a grueling week spent huddled over legal contracts with a client who insisted on dismissing his advice, and he was more than ready to give this woman the most erotic night of her life.

“I always love this room,” Cramer said, gesturing out the window. “Thanks for offering it up.” He nodded to Aaron who gave him a slight smile back.

Ryan glanced outside. The nearest building of equal height was half a block down. The high-rise hotel provided a full arsenal of unintentional viewers. Curtains covered most of the windows, but many remained open, dull yellow lights glowing into the darkness.

Would anyone notice them? He didn’t know or care, not really. The potential alone was enough. He could only assume that was what Cramer was referring to.

There was always a chance of getting caught. They might hold their meetings long after normal working hours, and every room used was provided by a member, but nothing was guaranteed. As the Boardroom lawyer, he knew that too damn well.

Jacob popped his head in the doorway. “I’m getting her now.” He glanced around. “Any questions?”

Three silent head shakes were his answer.

“Good.” He turned away before he quickly spun back. “It’s her birthday present. Let’s make it good for her.” He winked, a devious smile appearing before he left.

Ryan crossed his arms, inhaled. He closed his eyes and focused inward. The slow beat of his pulse came through to provide the consistency he sought. Another inhale and he released the residual irritation that lingered.

The low hum of the air conditioner filtered into his awareness. In some ways, it amplified the silence, but he found solace in it. Gone was the stress of the day. Dismissed were the troubles that waited for him at his desk. Nothing mattered but this moment.

Which was all he had to give.

A soft gasp from the hallway yanked his eyes open. Everything froze as he waited for the woman to step through the door. Anticipation buzzed on a low note to tighten his chest and entice his dick. Four on one was always an interesting tango between observing and participating.

He’d be content to watch tonight, if the scene played out that way, let the erotic show be a teaser until he got home and relieved the tension with his own hand. Controlling the build was just another part of the game.

Jacob appeared first, his focus on the leggy brunette slightly behind him. He ushered her through the doorway, a hand on her back to guide her. A black blindfold covered her eyes and most of her upper face, which only highlighted the dark red stain of her lipstick.

This was ultimate trust given by her—to a group of men she didn’t know.

The power of that surged up to pick at the multitude of possibilities. She was at their mercy. Theirs to tempt and pleasure until she begged for relief…or more.

Wavy curls draped over her shoulders, the ends grazing the mounds of her breasts pushed high by the lilac bra. Her lean form curved at the hips and enticed his gaze down to the tiny silk panties, which shimmered softly in the low light.

He swallowed, pulse increasing when a tentative smile teased her lips. He sucked in a quiet breath, thoughts spinning.

There was something familiar about her. Too familiar.

Brie. That was the name Jacob had provided, and it was probably a scene name.

His eyes narrowed, doubts forming as logic kicked in. The odds were astronomical given the number of people populating the San Francisco Bay area.



Like the cheese he detested but consumed when social situations dictated he should. Like the possible shortened name of the paralegal who worked with his law partner. Same brown hair. Same general height and build. Same nervous tap of her fingers in a run against her thumb that she failed to contain when presenting her case research.

Brighton Wakeford. Damn it.

Even if it was her, did it matter? She couldn’t see him.

But he could see all of her. Every small dip and freckle that dotted her pale skin. Like the mole at the edge of her collarbone. And the one on her hip, just above her panty line.

Were there more? Would he find them all?

One night of lust and sex. That was all he was there for.

And so was she.

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