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Book 1 :  The Dragon Stirs

The energy might bind them, but their love could save us all...

When Shifter, Airiana Draco, volunteers to scout out the enemy's compound, her family thinks it's to prove herself. In truth, she wants answers. Plagued with doubt and a secret shame, she hungers to learn more about the Energens, the people who have opposed the Shifters since the beginning of time. But getting captured wasn't in her plans. 

Energen, Loukianos Aeros, has always wondered about his exiled older brother who was accused of aiding their mortal enemy, the Shifters, long before Louk was born. Now, the answers Louk seeks are within his grasp when he stumbles upon a beautiful enemy spy right outside his door.

Forced together by the energy, Airiana and Louk are unprepared for the sudden attraction as they struggle to gain the answers they seek. As the danger builds and their lives are threatened, they must learn to trust the energy and each other. But are they strong enough to challenge all they were raised to believe or will the pressure cause them to turn on the one truth they cant deny?

The time is coming when earth will be changed forever. The dragon is rising and with the joining of The Two, he stirs.

Product Warnings: 
Mix two opposing forces with some elemental powers, add in a little shove from the energy and you get earth-shattering sex, one angry dragon, and a world that is altered forever.  

Energen Series

Publication Date:  02-07-2012​​
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN:  978-1-60928-718-4​​
Type: eBook 
Genre: Paranormal​
Length: Novella​
Series: Energen


Copyright © 2012 Lynda Aicher
All rights reserved —  Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication

The intruder huffed out short gulps of breath and yanked uselessly on the energy collar he'd just snapped around her neck. Loukianos Aeros smirked at the futility of her actions even as he unconsciously admired the creature he had captured.

Creature--because she was obviously a Shifter spy and they were all members of the lowest life form. 

However, his gloating was cut short when she spun and took off sprinting over the snow-covered ground. Her arms pumped furiously and the silky black ponytail swayed in rhythm with her quick steps, bobbing behind her like a plumped-up horse tail. His gaze traveled up her long legs that led to a firm, round ass, which was nicely displayed in excellent fitting jeans. Definitely not the body of a horse. 

Hell, it'd been so long since he'd had a woman that even a lowly Shifter got him excited. The deep rumbled laugh broke from his chest and echoed the derision he felt. Pathetic. But, that didn't stop him from watching her a little longer. Running away was about as fruitless an effort as trying to pull off the energy collar. However, he gave her points for effort. 

When he'd first spotted her hiding at the edge of the woods just outside the walls of the compound, Louk realized the universe had handed him the opportunity he'd been longing for. Finally, a chance to find out what really happened to his older brother, Damian. A brother he'd never known. Damian was accused of aiding the Shifters and killing their oldest brother in a bloody battle. Being born eight hundred years after the incident left Louk with a mix of broken stories and whispered condemnations. 

Now, right before him, was his chance to question a source who would know the other side. Who could give him answers when no one else would. She was the enemy, a member of the Shifter slime that had destroyed his family. 

And he would use the opportunity presented. Use her. 

Tiring of the game of evasion, Louk used the energy and dissipated out. He solidified about five feet in front of her path, his legs braced and arms spread in preparation. She hit him in the chest at a full run, and he grunted at the impact even as his arms clamped tightly around his prize. He stumbled back a few steps, but held tight to the wiggling form firmly trapped against his chest. 

"Let. Me. Go." She bit out, full of righteous indignation and fight. 

He laughed. Hell, it had been a long time since he'd had that much fun. "Yeah, not happening, sweet cheeks." Unable to resist, he slid a hand down and squeezed the delicious little ass he'd admired moments ago. 

A small sound of offense left her mouth, right before a hard, booted toe connected with his shin. 

He grunted in response, all thoughts of fun draining from his mind. Louk tightened his hold and brought his boot around to trap her legs between his own. His height and weight gave him the advantage, but she didn't give in easily. It was a full minute of continued squirming, pushing and swearing before the feisty woman finally stilled. 

The heavy sound of gasping breaths punctuated the sudden silence, the small skirmish tasking them both. Her breath pushed hot and moist against the exposed skin of his neck. The sensation stroked over the sensitive area like a lovers kiss and sent small shivers of desire racing down his spine. 

And in that moment, the raven soared. The mark on the back of his hand took off in a flight of pure joy, high on an ecstasy of promise. 

Louk sucked in a sharp breath, incredulous. She was a Shifter, his sworn enemy. 

Abruptly, he shoved the woman away, swinging her arms around until he grasped her wrists tightly together before her. 

"Who are you?" he demanded. 

Her arched, black brows came down low and menacing over her chocolate colored eyes. Her face was a striking blend of Asian and Caucasian features. Slightly narrower eyes surrounded by long black lashes, high cheekbones that centered her round face and balanced the broad mouth and sculpted lips. Lips that were currently pulled tight and hard into a thin line of annoyance. Her rounded little chin came up in a move of defiance as she tugged on the grip he had around her slim wrists. 

"Like I'd tell you," she sneered between deep gulps of air. 

"Oh, you'll tell me." He let a slow smile curl over his lips. "Eventually." 

"Fuck you." 

"Is that an invitation?" He drew her closer, pulled on her arms until her chest was crushed to his once again. He lowered his face into hers, forcing her to arch back to keep her distance. Her breasts pressed invitingly up at him, offered like a gift under her tight, leather jacket and he slowly drew his gaze up over the display to meet her eyes. "Because I can accommodate that." 

It only took one small movement to bring his hips into intimate contact with the juncture of her thighs. Her position left her vulnerable and open, and he made damn sure she knew that. 

Her eyes widened. Her breath hitched, and her pretty little mouth opened in surprise. Her lips were red and moist, and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to kiss them. The energy flowed between them, igniting a desire that threatened to scorch his nerve endings. It burned hot, insistent, immediate, and he felt his body responding as it pulsed to life against its resting spot at her thighs. 

She froze in her struggles to escape, her eyes widening even more. She felt his desire. And the energy spoke to him; it vibrated through his mind whispering her need. Her sudden hunger, the raw desire. 

And a confusion that matched his own. 

Over the air he felt the approach of other members of the enclave Guard. The energy around them began to expand, and Louk suddenly knew he wasn't ready to turn her over. This was the opportunity he had waited for, one that could allow him to learn about his brother. But even more than that, this woman called to him in a way that was stronger than his desire to please his enclave. His family. And he needed to understand why. 

In that second, he made his decision. One that could cost him everything. 

With the choice made, he teleported out, his captive in tow. His life permanently changed. Forever.​

"Lots of plot twists and turns, really interesting special effects and intensely erotic suspense...If you like fantasy, adventure and romance don't miss out on The Dragon Stirs!" - 5 Hearts, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

“…Aicher introduces some intriguing concepts to the ever-growing paranormal/romance field.” 
​- Library Journal Express Reviews 

“The world building…is fantastic; a mix of myth, mystery and reality, historic and yet modern at the same time.”
- 4.5 Stars, Long and Short Erotic Reviews ​

The Dragon stirs, his thousand years of exile is coming to an end. The Year of the Dragon looms--at its end, the Apocalypse. The veil will be lifted on the hidden battle that has raged over the earths energy since life began. Some will excel. Only one will prevail. But a few, must die...​